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Importing Checkmarx security findings into Sigrid

Note: This documentation does not yet completely describe how to export Checkmarx results using your CI platform, but it does provide pointers for doing so. Please contact SIG support if you need help getting up and running.

Sigrid allows you to import your security findings into Sigrid so you can use Sigrid as single source of truth for all software quality needs. Imported findings will show up in the Security Findings page in Sigrid.


Running scans with Checkmarx

Sigrid does not specify how you run should your scans. This can be on-demand in your pipeline, or scheduled. For setting up Checkmarx and running scans, please use the Checkmarx SAST documentation.

Importing results into Sigrid

Checkmarx results can be exported using the tool CxFlow provided by Checkmarx. Use CxFlow to export results into the SARIF format. This export file should then be placed in a .sigrid folder in the root of your codebase and pushed to Sigrid. It will then be automatically processed when you push your code to Sigrid.

Below is a sample CxFlow configuration file that can be used. It should be tailored to your situation, but the export format should be Sarif. See the CxFlow wiki documents available configuration options.

This can be executed in a CI pipeline. CxFlow provides tutorials to integrate with various CI platforms. The simplest version is running e.g.: java -jar cx-flow.jar --spring.config.location=cxflow-config.yml --scan --cx-project=<project> -- app=<app> --f=<codebase>

  port: 8982
    name: cxflow.log

  bug-tracker: Sarif
    - Sarif
    - main

  version: 9.0
  username: <your Cx username>
  password: <your Cx password>
  client-secret: 014DF517-39D1-4453-B7B3-9930C563627C
  base-url: <Your Cx installation URL>
  team: /CxServer
  url: ${checkmarx.base-url}/cxrestapi
  #WSDL Config
  portal-url: ${checkmarx.base-url}/cxwebinterface/Portal/CxWebService.asmx
  sdk-url: ${checkmarx.base-url}/cxwebinterface/SDK/CxSDKWebService.asmx
  portal-wsdl: ${checkmarx.base-url}/Portal/CxWebService.asmx?wsdl
  sdk-wsdl: ${checkmarx.base-url}/SDK/CxSDKWebService.asmx?wsdl
  app: <your application name>

File: cxflow-config.yml