Technology support

The table below describes all technologies that can be analyzed by Sigrid. The first column refers to how the technology should be named in the configuration file, specifically for setting languages in your scope file, see the technology support section.

Technologies are sometimes referred to by multiple names. For example, some people call their code NodeJS instead of JavaScript. If we are being pedantic, JavaScript is the name of the programming language and NodeJS is the name of the runtime. However, in practice many people just use these names interchangeably, so both are listed to prevent confusion.

Finally, note the column “supported Sigrid capabilities” does not list Open Source Health. The reason is that Open Source Health is based on open source ecosystems, not specific technologies. Refer to the section on supported technologies for Open Source Health for more information.

List of supported technologies

Name in configuration file Display name Also known as Supported Sigrid capabilities Notes
abap ABAP SAP Maintainability  
abapsmartforms ABAP SmartForms   Maintainability  
abl Abl OpenEdge Maintainability  
acl ACL   Maintainability  
accell Accell   Maintainability  
actionscript ActionScript   Maintainability  
actionscript3 ActionScript 3   Maintainability  
ada Ada   Maintainability  
adabasnatural Adabas Natural   Maintainability  
adfxml ADF XML   Maintainability  
agilepoint AgilePoint   Maintainability  
altovauml Altova UML   Maintainability  
angularjstemplate Angular Templates   Maintainability (7)
ansible Ansible   Maintainability, Security  
apachecamel Apache Camel   Maintainability  
apex APEX   Maintainability  
aps APS   Maintainability  
applicationmaster Application Master   Maintainability  
ash ArtosScript (ash)   Maintainability  
asp ASP   Maintainability  
aspx ASP.NET   Maintainability  
assembly Assembly   Maintainability  
aura Aura   Maintainability  
axway Axway   Maintainability  
axystudio AxyStudio functions   Maintainability  
axyworkflow AxyStudio workflows   Maintainability  
basic BASIC   Maintainability  
batch Batch   Maintainability  
bea Bea Weblogic   Maintainability  
beanshell BeanShell   Maintainability  
beinformed Be Informed   Maintainability  
biztalk BizTalk   Maintainability  
biztalkrules BizTalk Rules Engine   Maintainability  
blazerules Blaze BRM   Maintainability  
blueprism Blue Prism   Maintainability  
blueriq Blueriq flows/processes   Maintainability  
blueriqexpressions Blueriq expressions   Maintainability  
bpel BPEL   Maintainability  
bpm BPMN   Maintainability  
brail Brail   Maintainability  
bsp Bsp   Maintainability  
c C   Maintainability, Security (1)
cache Cache   Maintainability  
cacheobjectscript Cache ObjectScript   Maintainability  
ccl CCL   Maintainability  
cgdc CGDC   Maintainability  
cgt CGT   Maintainability  
cicode Cicode   Maintainability  
cl CL   Maintainability  
clearbasic Clearbasic   Maintainability  
cobol Cobol   Maintainability  
coffeescript CoffeeScript   Maintainability  
coldfusion ColdFusion   Maintainability  
configuration Configuration   Maintainability (5)
coolgenc CoolGen C   Maintainability  
coolgencobol CoolGen Cobol   Maintainability  
cordysbpm Cordys BPM   Maintainability  
cpp C++   Maintainability, Security (1)
csharp C# .NET Maintainability, Security  
csp CSP   Maintainability  
css CSS   Maintainability  
cypher Cypher   Maintainability  
cucumber Cucumber   Maintainability  
dart Dart Flutter Maintainability  
datastage Datastage   Maintainability  
datastageetl DatastageETL   Maintainability  
datastageworkflow DatastageWorkflow   Maintainability  
db2 DB2   Maintainability  
dcl Dcl   Maintainability  
delphi Delphi   Maintainability  
delphiforms Delphi Forms   Maintainability  
deltacobol Delta/Cobol   Maintainability  
djangotemplates Django Templates   Maintainability  
docker Docker   Maintainability, Security  
documentumxcp Documentum xCP   Maintainability  
drools Drools   Maintainability  
dscript Dscript   Maintainability  
easytrieve Easytrieve   Maintainability  
egl EGL   Maintainability  
ejs EJS   Maintainability  
elixir Elixir   Maintainability  
embeddedsql C++ Embedded SQL   Maintainability  
erb ERB   Maintainability  
esql ESQL   Maintainability  
filetab File Tab   Maintainability  
finacle Finacle   Maintainability  
freeformatcobol Freeformat Cobol   Maintainability  
freemarker Freemarker   Maintainability  
fme FME   Maintainability  
fortran FORTRAN   Maintainability  
generated Generated   Maintainability  
gensym Gensym   Maintainability  
grpc gRPC   Maintainability  
go Go GoLang Maintainability  
gosu Gosu   Maintainability, Security  
groovy Groovy   Maintainability, Security  
gsp GSP   Maintainability  
guidefinition GUI Definition   Maintainability (5)
gupta Gupta   Maintainability  
haml Haml   Maintainability  
html HTML   Maintainability (7)
hql HQL   Maintainability  
ibmbpmbpd IBM BPM (BPD)   Maintainability  
ibmbpmprocess IBM BPM (Process)   Maintainability  
ideal Ideal   Maintainability  
informatica Informatica   Maintainability  
informix4gl Informix 4GL   Maintainability  
informixsql Informix SQL   Maintainability  
ingres Ingres   Maintainability  
intershoppipeline Intershop (Pipeline)   Maintainability  
jasperreports Jasper Reports   Maintainability  
jade Jade   Maintainability  
java Java   Maintainability, Security  
javafx Java FX   Maintainability  
javascript JavaScript NodeJS Maintainability, Security (2)
javascript Google App Script   Maintainability  
jbc JBC   Maintainability  
jbpm jBPM   Maintainability  
jcl JCL   Maintainability  
jcs JCS   Maintainability  
jinja Jinja   Maintainability  
jsf JSF   Maintainability  
json JSON   Maintainability (5)
jsp JSP   Maintainability  
kotlin Kotlin   Maintainability, Security  
less Less   Maintainability  
linc LINC   Maintainability  
lion Lion   Maintainability  
lodestar Lodestar   Maintainability  
logicapps Logic Apps   Maintainability  
logicnets LogicNets   Maintainability  
lotusscript LotusScript   Maintainability  
lua Lua   Maintainability  
magic Magic   Maintainability  
magik Magik   Maintainability  
magnum Magnum   Maintainability  
matlab Matlab   Maintainability  
mediationflows Mediation Flows   Maintainability  
mendix Mendix   Maintainability, Security  
messagebuilder MessageBuilder   Maintainability  
mpsbehavior MPS Behavior   Maintainability  
mpsclass MPS Class   Maintainability  
mpstranslator MPS Translator   Maintainability  
mule Mule   Maintainability  
mtwize MtWize   Maintainability  
murexdatadictionary Murex Data Dictionary   Maintainability  
murexlookuptable Murex Lookup Table   Maintainability  
murexscript Murex Script   Maintainability  
murexworkflow Murex Workflow   Maintainability  
mustache Mustache Handlebars Maintainability  
mysql MySQL   Maintainability  
naviscript Naviscript   Maintainability  
navision Navision Dynamics NAV, AL Maintainability  
netiqidmpolicy NetIQ IDM Policy   Maintainability  
netiqidmrequest NetIQ IDM Request   Maintainability  
netiqidmworkflow NetIQ IDM Workflow   Maintainability  
netweaveridm NetweaverIDM   Maintainability  
nonstopsql Nonstop SQL   Maintainability  
normalizedsystemsjava Normalized Systems Java   Maintainability  
normalizedsystemsmodel Normalized Systems Model   Maintainability  
objectivec Objective-C   Maintainability  
odi ODI   Maintainability  
odm ODM   Maintainability  
omt OMT   Maintainability  
opa OPA   Maintainability  
opc OPC   Maintainability  
openroad OpenROAD 4GL   Maintainability  
oraclebpm Oracle BPM   Maintainability  
oracleofsaa Oracle OFSAA   Maintainability  
oracleworkflow Oracle Workflow   Maintainability  
ords ORDS   Maintainability  
osb OSB   Maintainability  
osbproxy OSB Proxy   Maintainability  
osmprocess OSM Process   Maintainability  
osmtask OSM Task   Maintainability  
outsystems OutSystems   Maintainability  
pascal Pascal   Maintainability  
pega Pega   Maintainability  
pegajsp PEGA JSP   Maintainability  
performance Performance   Maintainability  
perl Perl   Maintainability, Security  
php PHP   Maintainability, Security  
plc PLC - Structured Text - ABB   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Structured Text - Schneider Electric - EcoStruxure   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Structured Text - Siemens   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Functional Block Diagram - ABB   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Functional Block Diagram - Rockwell   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Functional Block Diagram - Siemens   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Ladder Logic - Rockwell   Maintainability  
plc PLC - Structured Text - Rockwell   Maintainability  
pli PL/I   Maintainability  
plsql PL/SQL   Maintainability  
plsqlforms PL/SQL Forms   Maintainability  
plsqlreports PL/SQL Reports   Maintainability  
pluk PLUK   Maintainability  
polymertemplates Polymer Templates   Maintainability  
postgresql PostgreSQL   Maintainability  
powerbuilder Powerbuilder   Maintainability  
powercenter PowerCenter   Maintainability  
powerfx Power Fx Microsoft Power Apps Maintainability  
powershell Powershell   Maintainability  
production Production code   Maintainability  
progress Progress OpenEdge Maintainability  
progressstrict Progress (Strict)   Maintainability  
pronto Pronto   Maintainability  
prt PRT   Maintainability  
puppet Puppet   Maintainability  
python Python   Maintainability, Security  
r R   Maintainability  
radience Radience   Maintainability  
razor Razor   Maintainability  
react React   Maintainability, Security (2)
regelspraak ALEF Regelspraak   Maintainability  
regelspraakhtml ALEF Regelspraak (HTML export)   Maintainability  
rexx Rexx   Maintainability  
robot Robot   Maintainability  
rpg RPG   Maintainability  
ruby Ruby Ruby on Rails, Rails Maintainability, Security  
rust Rust   Maintainability  
salesforceapex Salesforce Apex   Maintainability  
salesforceflow Salesforce Flow   Maintainability  
sappo SAP PO   Maintainability  
sapui5 SapUI5   Maintainability  
sas SAS   Maintainability  
sasflows SAS Flows   Maintainability  
sass Sass   Maintainability  
scala Scala   Maintainability, Security  
scl SCL   Maintainability  
scr SCR   Maintainability  
script Shell script   Maintainability  
servicenow ServiceNow   Maintainability  
siebeldeclarative Siebel Declarative   Maintainability  
siebeljs Siebel JS   Maintainability  
siebelscripted Siebel Scripted   Maintainability  
siebelworkflow Siebel Workflow   Maintainability  
siebeltbui Siebel TBUI   Maintainability  
slim Slim   Maintainability  
smalltalk Smalltalk   Maintainability  
solidity Solidity   Maintainability  
sonicesb Sonic ESB   Maintainability  
spl SPL   Maintainability  
sqlj SQLJ   Maintainability  
sqlite SQLite   Maintainability  
sqr SQR   Maintainability  
ssis SSIS   Maintainability  
starlimssql StarLIMS   Maintainability  
streamserve StreamServe   Maintainability  
synapse Synapse   Maintainability  
synon Synon   Maintainability  
swift Swift   Maintainability, Security  
t4 T4   Maintainability  
tacl TACL   Maintainability  
tal TAL   Maintainability  
tandem Tandem   Maintainability  
tapestry Tapestry   Maintainability  
terraform Terraform   Maintainability, Security  
test Testcode   Maintainability  
thrift Thrift   Maintainability  
thymeleaf Thymeleaf   Maintainability  
tibco TIBCO BW   Maintainability  
tibcobe TIBCO BE (XML)   Maintainability  
tibcobejava TIBCO BE (Java)   Maintainability  
tibcobestatemachine TIBCO BE (State Machine)   Maintainability  
tibcobw6 TIBCO BW6   Maintainability  
tripleforms TriplEforms   Maintainability  
tsql T-SQL   Maintainability  
turtle Turtle   Maintainability  
typescript TypeScript   Maintainability, Security (3)
uil UIL (Motif)   Maintainability  
uniface Uniface   Maintainability  
until Until   Maintainability  
vag Visual Age   Maintainability  
vagrecord Visual Age Record   Maintainability  
vb Visual Basic   Maintainability, Security (4)
vbnet Visual Basic .NET   Maintainability, Security (4)
velocity Velocity   Maintainability  
vgl VGL   Maintainability  
visualforce VisualForce   Maintainability  
visualrpg Visual RPG   Maintainability  
visualobjects Visual Objects   Maintainability  
vuejs VueJS   Maintainability, Security (2)
vuets VueTS   Maintainability, Security (3)
vulcan Vulcan.NET   Maintainability  
webfocus WebFocus   Maintainability  
webmethods WebMethods   Maintainability  
webmethodsbpm WebMethods BPM   Maintainability  
websmart WebSmart   Maintainability  
wonderware Wonderware   Maintainability  
wsdl WSDL   Maintainability  
wtx WTX   Maintainability  
xaml XAML   Maintainability  
xml XML   Maintainability (5)
xpdl Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM   Maintainability  
xpp X++   Maintainability  
xpp365 X++ for Dynamics 365   Maintainability  
xquery Xquery   Maintainability  
xsd XSD   Maintainability  
xslt XSLT   Maintainability  
xul XUL   Maintainability  
yaml YAML   Maintainability (5)
unknown Unknown technology   Maintainability (6)


  1. Use either c or cpp, but not both.
    • Prefer cpp if your system contains a combination of C and C++ code.
  2. Use one of javascript, react, vuejs, sapui5, but do not use multiple.
    • Prefer vuejs if your system contains Vue.js components that use the .vue file extension.
    • Prefer react if your codebase contains React and/or JSX.
    • Only use sapui5 if you are using SAP UI.
    • Use javascript in all other cases.
  3. Use either typescript or vuets, but not both.
    • Prefer vuets if you’re using Vue.js in combination with TypeScript code.
    • Prefer typescript in all other cases.
  4. Use either vb or vbnet, but not both.
    • Prefer vbnet for Visual Basic code running on the .NET platform, or when not sure.
    • Use vb for classic Visual Basic, which has been end-of-life since 2008.
  5. In most cases, configuration files are not considered part of production code and are therefore not relevant for Sigrid’s maintainability analysis. Only add these technologies if you consider them part of the system’s production code.
  6. “Unknown technology” will be shown in Sigrid when the technology cannot be detected.
  7. Use either html or angularjstemplate, but not both.
    • Prefer angularjstemplate if you’re using Angular templates.
    • Use html for all other types of HTML files or templates.

Supported open source ecosystems

In addition to supporting 300+ technologies, Sigrid also supports various open source ecosystems for its Open Source Health capability. Note that different projects might use different open source ecosystems, even if they use the same technology. For example, there is no standardized way to manage open source dependencies in Java projects. Some Java projects use Maven, others use Gradle. This is why some technologies are listed multiple times in the table below.

Open source ecosystem Common technologies
Alpine Linux Alpine Linux
Bower JavaScript
CocoaPods Swift, Objective-C
Composer PHP
Go Modules Go
Gradle Java, Kotlin, Groovy
Ivy Java
LibMan JavaScript
Maven Java
NPM JavaScript, TypeScript
NuGet C#
PuppetForge Puppet
Poetry Python
PyPi Python
RubyGems Ruby
SBT Scala
Unmanaged JAR files Java
Unmanaged DLL files C#
Unmanaged JS files JavaScript

Supported security analyzers

These are the supported security analyzers as you may see them in your security findings overview. You can use the literal text in the Display name below to enable or disable specific analyzers, if deemed necessary. For such configuration, see the Security/Third Party Findings section section on the system security page.

Display name Technology Note
Astree C, C++  
FlawFinder C Semgrep plugin
ErrorProne.NET C#  
Microsoft Code Quality C# FxCop
MultithreadingAnalyzer C#  
Puma Security C#  
SecurityCodeScan C#  
SonarQube (C#) C#  
KICS Docker, Ansible, k8s, etc.  
FB Contrib Java  
Facebook Infer Java Disabled by default
FindSecBugs Java  
Google ErrorProne Java  
SonarQube (Java) Java  
SpotBugs Java  
MobSF Java-Android Semgrep plugin
SemGrep Java,Python,PHP,Ruby,JS,TS, etc.  
VMWare CSA Java, C#, configurations Cloud Suitability Analyzer
ESLint JS,TS Semgrep plugin
NodeJS Scan JS,TS Semgrep plugin
Gosec Go Semgrep plugin
Bandit Python Semgrep plugin

Supported software quality standards

Software quality standard Relevant for capabilities
ISO 25010 Maintainability, Security, Reliability
SIG Security Model Security
OWASP Top 10 Security
ISO 5055 Security, Reliability
CWE Top 25 Security
PCI DSS 4.0 Security
OWASP ASVS 4.0 Security

Requesting additional technology support

Even with 300+ supported technologies, we are still continuously working on adding support for new technologies and frameworks and updating our technology support for new technology versions. You can contact us using the information provided below if you believe we should extend technology support for your organization.

Contact and support

Feel free to contact SIG’s support department for any questions or issues you may have after reading this document, or when using Sigrid or Sigrid CI. Users in Europe can also contact us by phone at +31 20 314 0953.